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Requires Java 8.0.40+ installed

Note for OpenJDK users: make sure you've OpenJFX installed. If you are having problems running Kaizen on Linux, please try JRE by Oracle instead, or contact me. Kaizen is not shipped with the Java Virtual Machine in order to keep the installation package small.


ElasticSearch 6.6


Improved the confirmation message in the 'Copy to server': append or overwrite documents.


Important fix: Copy, Remove found documents and Save as CSV. Please do not hesitate to inform about the issues, even you, IT guys, can't afford a penny.


Fixed processing of an unavailable ElasticSearch statistics.

Fixed editing of an unavailable Document.


Fixed editing of an unavailable index in the Indices


Implemented HTTP Proxy in the Connections in format http://ip:port, optionally authorized with the the username-password pair.

Supported Basic HTTP authentication to ElasticSearch over SSH2 tunnels.

Fixed hostnames in the notifications.


The Connections has new setting Proxy. Currently supports SSH2 tunnels in format ssh://ip:port, authorized with the private key or the username-password pair.

Set username required in the Authentication dialog.

Show 'Authenticated...' notification.

Removed ununsed properties from the settings file.


Set username required in the Authentication dialog.

Show 'Authenticated...' notification.

Removed ununsed properties from the settings file.


Allowed empty index settings in the Index editor.

Fixed names in the Help menu.


Implemented the controls of the tasks running in background.


ElasticSearch 6.5.

Removed ALT-shortcuts in the Console.


Shown a loading indicator during the authentication.

Fixed submission of empty credentials.


Improved error window.


Implemented the page-size selector in the Documents.


Refresh indices after succeeded 'Restore from file', 'Clone index' and 'Import from SQL'.


Fixed typo in the confirmation dialogs.


Implemented 'Remove found documents' functionality, via context menu, also known as Delete-By-Query.

Export and Import notifications include number of the documents.


Implemented loading of the Documents asynchronously in background.


Fixed the race condition in the Connections menu.


ElasticSearch 6.4

The shortcut Ctrl+F toggles the Filter of the indices.

The 'Save documents as', 'Import from SQL database' and 'About' buttons have been added to the main toolbar and the Export menu.


Disabled verification of the host for Self-Signed certificates.

Improved error reporting on non-JSON input in the Console.


Implemented License menu. Now you can check the status of your license, request, activate and transfer the License Key.


Fixed Save As issue in case the Type is unknown or not created yet.


Improved validation of the connections to ElasticSearch.


Implemented Save As functionality (via context menu) in CSV format. Supports complete export of the documents in the Indices and filtered ones in the Documents.


Implemented import from PostgreSQL database. The import does not set up the index, you should create it prior running or rely on the dynamic mapping.

Implemented GZIP compression of the Index backups. Compressed dumps are usually 5-10 times smaller than the original JSON.


Implemented import from Microsoft SQL and MySQL/MariaDB databases. The import does not set up the index, you should create it prior running or rely on the dynamic mapping.


Fixed critical UI issue with binary css on Windows 10.


Index cloning supports schema changes. Now you can remove and add fields to the destination index.


Implemented Basic HTTP authentication


ElasticSearch 6.3, Java 10


The connection timeouts are adjustable in the Connections


Implemented cloning of the Indices (via context menu). The cloning uses fast reindex API at the server side.


Increased connection time-out for https

HTTPS termination by Nginx:

	# elasticsearch.conf
	upstream elasticsearch {
		keepalive 15;
	server {
	  listen 443 ssl default_server;
	  ssl_certificate /etc/nginx/localhost.crt;
	  ssl_certificate_key /etc/nginx/localhost.key;
	  client_max_body_size 100m;
	  location / {
		  proxy_pass http://elasticsearch;
		  proxy_http_version 1.1;
		  proxy_set_header Connection "Keep-Alive";
		  proxy_set_header Proxy-Connection "Keep-Alive";


The Connections have an option to trust the self-signed TLS certificates

All selected documents in the Documents are copyable into the clipboard

All selected fields in the Documents are copyable into the clipboard


Implemented context menus to the Dump and the Restore in the Indices


Implemented purging of Indices (via context menu)


Show Java version in the About


Implemented additional context menus in the Indices, Aliases and Documents

Implemented short-cuts for the context menus

Added Index and Type fields to the Document Editor


Implemented context menu in the Indices and Aliases

Implemented atomic renaming of the Aliases

Changed behaviour of the double-click on Indices, Types and Aliases


Implemented Feedback form


Implemented multiple deletions of Indices, Types and Aliases

Set the Key editable for new entries in the Document Editor

Supported _reindex API in the REST console

Fixed a disappearing Endpoint in the REST console


ElasticSearch 6.2

Set the Key copyable in the Document Editor

Implemented context menu in the list of the Documents

Fixed empty body of GET and DELETE requests in the REST console


Logged search queries in the Documents

Fixed the list of servers in the Copy


Implemented centralized error reporting

Copy request as CURL in REST console


Cluster management: shards movements, allocations and cancellations

Notify when new version is available for download

Optionally dump, restore and copy an Index without the schema (data only)


Format JSON in the Console Request body

Preserve the state of the Console on close

Fixed a duplication of the Aliases


Fixed the false positive errors using multiple Types


Compatibility with ElasticSearch 6.1

Implemented tabs closing of the removed index


Compatibility with ElasticSearch 5.6


Implemented a multi-selector for multiple deletions of the documents. Supports SHIFT+mouse and CTRL+A shortcuts.

Added an indices filter in Types and Aliases views. Toggled by CTRL+F short-cut as well.


Added Homepage menu.

Fixed Windows and Linux launchers.


A page-size of the index is set to 50 documents.

Fixed a types list in the REST console.


Implemented the REST console to ElasticSearch. You can execute any type of HTTP request with various payloads.


The set of minimum features includes

  • Multiple connections to ElasticSearch
  • Indices creation, updates and deletions
  • Aliases creation, updates and deletions
  • Documents search, creation, updates and deletions
  • Index backup
  • Index restore
  • Copy index data to another server
  • cluster statistics
  • nodes statistics
  • quick launchers for Windows, Mac, Linux